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Stay Fit & Healthy


Weight Lifting

Strength training is fundamental to stay fit and healthy. Power Eleven creates top notch specific plans that help you reach your goals while having fun and testing yourself at the gym.

Physical Rehabilitation

Rehab is never fun. However, the importance of a correct phase of physical rehabilitation is immense. Power Eleven offers the best protocols for individual and team sports, specifically Football.

Football Training

Power Eleven has more than 10 years of professional experience in the sport of Football. Players that need to improve their fitness, skills and tactics will find Power Eleven to be the key to their success.


Why Choose Power Eleven


01. Coach Rob is a professional Strength & Conditioning Coach with professional experiences at International level in Football and Olympic Weightlifting.



02. BSc. Strength & Sports Conditioning with Honours in Sports Performance and Management



03. Power Eleven is a worldwide fitness enthusiast family with clients all over the world, and always ready to welcome new clients to fulfill their desire to perfrom better.