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Three Month Program

Hyperthrophy Blocks.

Increase Work Capability.

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Three Month Program

Specific Strength & Conditioning training for Football.

Metabolic conditioning training for roles/tasks.

Technical & Coordination training.

Olympic Weightlifting

Three Month Program

Technical drills for Snatch & Clean and Jerk.

Strength specific training for Weightlifting.

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Nick DesRoches

27 Years Old
Strength & Conditioning Coach

” I always enjoy getting Coach Rob’s perspective on my lifts. He always points out ways to improve and has a great eye for the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting. He is also straight forward on what I need to focus or fix which is a big plus in coaching athletes. “

Santiago Rodriguez

21 Years Old
Professional Football Player

” My training experience with Coach Rob has always been a blast, I learned a lot and I always wanted to train more and more. You give enthusiasm to training and the players need that to push through fatigue. The way of Coach Rob’s trains football is one of a kind and the sessions have never been boring once. “

Nicholas Ortepi

35 Years Old
IT Engineer

I have had Roberto creating my workout routines for 2 years and counting. He is professional and is happy to customize to your needs and most importantly, he challenges me and gets results!